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Bryden Country School offers a broad academic, cultural, sporting and social foundation to fulfil individual potential of all pupils in a happy, disciplined environment.


Principal's Message

My philosophy on education is really rather simple.  I believe that my job is to empower our team to produce pupils;

• who don’t just have knowledge and skills, but who have an ability to apply that knowledge and those skills to creatively and collaboratively solve problems,
• who leave our school not just with answers, but who leave us with curiosity
• who have acquired life skills that will help them to contribute positively to our society,
• who have a solid understanding of what it means to be a servant leader, and
• who have a high self-esteem.

Our aim is to meet every individual where they are at and then guide them onwards and upwards towards being the best that they can be.

I am convinced that these lofty ideals can only be achieved by relying on the wisdom of God and His strength.  I also firmly believe that school should be fun!

Vision & Values

  • Be Kind

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Work Hard

  • Have Fun




We have a fantastic staff force who are phenomenal in their ability to help and assist our children to achieve their full potential. They have a keen understanding of how their pupils learn and embrace the innovations and challenges of a forward-thinking curriculum. Their passion and commitment to our school is what makes us who we are…


Mr Richard Whitaker



Mrs Helen Meyer



Mr Tafadzwa Jesseniah

Deputy Head & Grade Six

Sport, Parent Liason, Marketing & Cambridge


Mr Troy Wellbeloved

Estate Manager


Mr Mike Roper

Deputy Head & Grade Seven

Academics & Culture

The Teachers


Over forty years ago, the aim of Bryden was to create a school for the community by the community, one that would feel like family. Forty years later and those two concepts are still a core characteristic and priority at Bryden

crumpled-paper-1905-OP.jpg (7).webp


September 1981:  In the beginning… a group of local farmers and Chegutu businessmen met to discuss the possibilities of creating a school. 


A sight was chosen – Lambourne Farm (22ha) which was donated by Mr & Mrs Black on condition that the school be named after Mr Black’s great great grandmother, Jane Bryden.

May 1982:  Foundations were dug, materials were delivered and buildings went up at a rapid pace.

The school officially opened on 27 January 1983 with Mr Pete Sinclair as headmaster and 70 children.

As part of their classes, each pupil was involved in the planting of trees and plants around the school which were all kindly donated by the Keevils of Dodhill Nursery.

Come and see how far we have come…



Around the world, our Bryden Alumni have distinguished themselves in every imaginable field, including education, hospitality, finance, media, music, sports, and science.

We are very proud of them and their achievements and we delight in hearing how their time at Bryden continues to play an influential role in their lives. 


High School Alumni

Take a sneak peak at our "junior" alumni as they flourish through their secondary education.


We would love to hear your story and experiences at Bryden as you reflect after all these years!

Please reach out to us through this quick questionnaire which only takes 2-3min to complete.

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