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We have children from all over the country. They all do well and generally make friends quickly. The children seem to love the companionship and camaraderie that comes with boarding; it’s us parents who find it harder! Children have come to us from across Zimbabwe who had never boarded before but they found their feet within the first week and hardly looked back the following Monday morning to say goodbye to their parents who had come to drop them off. They settled in very quickly and made firm friends.

Boarding at Bryden

We offer Weekly boarding facilities:

Weekly boarding children go home every weekend so the time they spend in the hostel is only four nights, the other three are at home.


Dormitories are allocated according to Grades (i.e. Grade One will be in Dorm One). Each dorm is monitored by a carefully chosen Grade Seven pupil who stays in each particular dorm. The older pupil is a monitor and helper, particularly for the younger children to help them with their routines and mastering the intricacies of shoelaces and mosquito net tying! If there are any problems during the night the monitor can help with these or accompany them to the hostel matron.


Family vetted

The girls and boys hostels each have their respective matrons living quarters as part of the hostel. The children can access the matrons at any time during the day or night should they feel ill or if there is any problem needing their attention.


The sick bay is run by the Girls Matron who keeps a record of any medicines coming from home and when these need to be administered. She has a comprehensive supply of medicines for any illnesses arising during the week as well as two rooms in the Sick Bay for children who are ill during the week. Parents are contacted to inform them if their children are unwell and if the Matron feels it is warranted, the child may be collected and taken home.


Boarding Builds Buddies

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