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Choosing the
right school


Choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions in life for both parents and pupils. We believe that ours is a special and unique environment in which pupils can realise their full potential. Our words are no substitute for the real thing.  We encourage you to fully appreciate our School by visiting our campus, meeting our teachers, and truly experiencing the Bryden Country School that we love.


You can download our School Prospectus here:


Fill out the



To ensure that Bryden is the best fit for your child, our admissions process seeks to learn as much about them and your family as we can. We know that filling out paperwork can be time consuming but gathering all your information helps us determine how your child will successfully fit into our community and if they need any additional resources.

You can download the forms here:

(Please include a copy of your child’s birth certificate, within your application)

Once completed, please email your full application to


Alternatively, you may also send or deliver your application to:

Bryden Country School

P.O. Box 319


103km peg Harare-Bulawayo Road, Chegutu

a visit


Here at Bryden, we strive to ensure that our pupils have a phenomenal learning experience, and that our pupils grow holistically and achieve their maximum potential. With your help and cooperation, I believe we will be able to achieve that and much more.


In order to truly experience the value Bryden can give you and your family, we have found that a visit to the school is essential for a proper assessment by you, your child, and us.


Contact our Marketer to book a campus tour or phone her and she will be more than happy to answer your questions and guide you through the application process.




Assessment & Interview!

Assessment: All Bryden pupils go through the assessment process. This is a vital stage as it provides the Teachers with the opportunity to gauge your child’s educational, social and development areas. As a result, the Teacher can ascertain if Bryden is the right fit for your child’s educational journey.

Interview: While your child is being assessed, the Headmaster would welcome the opportunity to meet with you, as Parents/Guardians. During your interview he will be discussing your educational plan for your child and to gauge if your core values and morals align to Bryden’s and to Bryden’s ethos.


We asked Parents, What is it about Bryden Country School that most appeals to you? This is what they said:

"For us Bryden Country School is family. Our first child (Tadiwanashe) went through Bryden Country School. Tadiwanashe joined the Bryden community when he was in Grade 4, and what the school did with our son was truly amazing. Bryden moulded Tadiwanashe to be a complete student, who is well mannered and articulate. What appeals to us about Bryden Country School is the caring family community, its wholesome and well-rounded education philosophy that seeks to educate the entire child’s personality. Bryden also has very great teachers who are concerned about the child’s development. Our first son is a case in point. We also love Bryden’s small classes and its ethos of ensuring that every child participates in sport and extracurricular activities. We loved the fulltime boarding that Bryden had and hope that it does get re-introduced again. What appeals most about Bryden? EVERYTHING!!"
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