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Deciding your child's first steps towards their educational journey can be rather daunting. To make your decission a little easier, Bryden has partnered with five regional Nursery Schools whose core values and morals are simular to Bryden's.


Bryden also accepts applications from children applying from other Learning Centres or Nursery Schools.


Bryden's Early Leaning Centre

A child's first school experience will shape the way they learn for life. That is why our Early Learning Centre program is all about nurturing confidence and curiosity. Natural development is encouraged with care and skill as your child learns to delight in the world around them and begin shaping them into more concrete academic concepts. All while feeling safe and encouraged to learn and grow.


It is in this very informal, but structured environment where children grasp the basic foundations of learning, which they will carry with them throughout their school careers.

Kadoma Montessori

At Kadoma Montessori we have invested in a child oriented environment where the children can fulfil their natural curiosity about the world around them. In our classrooms we have specially crafted Montessori materials, each made to official specifications and laid out on the shelves that the children can reach. Our teachers are trained to meet the needs of the children in their care enabling them to learn skills, creative thinking and independence.


Greystone Nursery

We aim to provide a stimulating, safe and happy environment which equips children with skills for life and the confidence to tackle new experiences positively.


If you would like to enrol your child at Greystone Nursery School. Kindly send an email to with your child’s:

• Full Name

• Date of birth

• Year in which you would like your child to be enrolled.


Greystone Nursery School 

Little Legends

We believe that every child is unique and deserves the best possible start in life to fulfil their potential and we offer an opportunity to do so.


Contact us to enrol your child on:


Family vetted




After Bryden, where to next?

At Bryden we have a passion for our pupils to succeed in life, not just at our school, but onwards. We have had the honour of developing, nurturing, encouraging and guiding your child over the last seven fulfilling years and take pride in assisting Bryden Legends in their next steps.


Choosing which High School to continue to build up a Bryden Legend and provide them with the scope to truly fly, is not easy. To make this decision a little easier, Bryden Country School feeds into some of the most prestigious High School's in Zimbabwe. Below is what they have to say about our Bryden Legends.

High Schools


Peterhouse is a group of schools, which includes Peterhouse Boys and Peterhouse Girls, and is widely regarded as Zimbabwe’s top independent boarding school and one of the premier independent schools in Southern Africa.

The Rector and the Head of Peterhouse Girls are members of the Conference of Heads of Independent Schools in Zimbabwe (CHISZ) and the Rector is an overseas member of The Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) which represents the top 350 independent schools in the UK and across the globe.

Peterhouse provides the ideal estate, academic, sports, outdoor and pastoral facilities for a full-boarding experience.  

The schools are situated on two estates on either side of the main road between Harare and Mutare just outside Marondera and share two conservation areas, Calderwood Park and Gosho Park. The schools form a caring, friendly and dedicated community for the growth and development of its pupils.


The history and association of Bryden and Peterhouse is a long one.  We are proud of the many pupils from Bryden that have attained Academic Colours, Sports Colours, been selected as Office Bearers (Prefects) and gained National Representation at the many disciplines on offer, and generally contributed to the life of Peterhouse in a positive manner.



Over the years, Falcon College has been privileged to have had a number of students from Bryden Country School; we have always found these students to be hard working both in academics and sport, showing themselves to be team players.  This is a credit to their primary school education. Due to these students' previous experience with boarding, they generally settle well into the Falcon way of life and ethos.  Bryden Country School students always arrive at Falcon with good manners and get on well with both teachers and peers, by showing respect to all. Josh Freeth was appointed as Deputy Head Boy of Falcon and he was exceptional in this role and a fine example of a student from Bryden Country School.



Welcome to Lomagundi College Schools. We are a multi – cultural, English speaking, Christian school known to promote the highest standards of education, respect for others and accountable governance. We offer pupils a well-protected, family environment and our primary goal is to develop our pupils to their full potential.


Meet Just Gwenzi, a past pupil of Bryden and current pupil at Lomagundi College. He has this to say about his education experience at both schools so far,

“After spending seven years at Bryden Country School, I was ready for the change that awaited me in the next chapter of my life - high school! However, it turns out that it became my second home within the first weeks because the environment and the culture in which Lomagundi College dwells made me feel as if I had not left Bryden at all. Yes, there were some changes here and there of course because it is high school, but these changes made me a better person and I can stand out as an individual in a school with so much talent. Lomagundi College nurtures talent whilst unearthing talent for those who feel as if they do not fit in, ultimately merging us into one big family.”

Just Gwenzi is a current Prefect at the school and some of his other achievements include:

·         Zimbabwe U14 Rugby

·         Provincial U16 Hockey

·         1st Team Rugby

·         1st Team Hockey

·         1st Team Soccer

·         1st Team Cricket


On the academic front, Just Gwenzi has chosen the technical route and received a Hexco Level 1 Engineering Certificate. He is currently studying for a Mechanical Engineering Diploma (City and Guilds) alongside Business Studies and Geography. 



At St George’s College, our particular quests for authenticity vary, but the need for change and balance is the one that we share as men and women for others, and it is within this goal that our relationship with Bryden Country School has helped all of our targets of bringing up the best members of society come into fruition. 

Having had a great number of students come through from Bryden who are well versed in a multitude of disciplines in areas of sport, academics and cultural activities, our relationship with Bryden has risen to positive greater heights.

We as both St George’s College and Bryden Country School have been fortunate to groom young men whose characters have been moulded and who are in the process of self-actualization as a result of such excellent guidance.

Bringing up respectful, humble, and accountable men for others, we have shown how these students are tenacious and have a desire to succeed right from their teenage years. Our students are motivated by a focused mindset that seeks great experiences in order to make major changes in their lives and we thank Bryden School for instilling those aspirations within them.

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