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At Bryden our drive is to provide a well balanced schooling for every child throughout their time with us.

Sometimes the connections and skills learnt outside the classrooms can be more impactful which is why we offer a wide range of extracurricular options for everyone.


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Clubs & Activities

We offer a wide variety of club activities once a week, on the afternoon where the least sport is done to inspire the children to explore and create outside of the classrooms and find a hobby which they enjoy. These activities may differ slightly each term according to seasonal factors. Whilst children are encouraged to try to develop new skills in different clubs, if they have a particular talent this will be nurtured by the club leader.



Byden offers a broad based curriculum designed to encourage the social, emotional and physical well being of each child, along with their academic progress. Children learn as much outside the classroom as they do inside it. In sports, our aim is to ensure that our children develop a clear sense of values and good sportsmanship, and leave the school with a wide range of competencies. These skills will allow them to lead fulfilled and effective lives.



Music is an art form which enhances and improves a child's learning experience.  


Research has proven that reading music and playing an instrument stimulates both spheres of the brain; developing areas related to language and reasoning, as well as maths and pattern recognition.  It helps children focus and helps improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination.   



Community outreach projects provide us with a platform to influence our younger generations to give back to the community.


Throughout a pupil’s life, it is important that they are given opportunities to contibute to helping improve their community and the lives of the people around them, both near and far. These community outreach opportunities provide ways for pupils to make a difference in someone else’s life and realize the beauty of selflessness. Community outreach projects  have proven to help boost the self-confidence of individuals, getting them out of their comfort zone and dealing with real-world problems. It also can bring certain perspectives into view that you may not have been aware of until you see others in need.


When children help other children, community and friendship can blossom, and good character qualities can begin to grow as well.


As Parents and Teachers, let’s foster a sense of pride in our children to help their community and mankind.



Educational visits are organised by the various teachers to local places of interest according to each class's learning programmes. These visits have included the Charles Stewart Day Old Chicks, Spinweave factory, Zimplats, local farm visits, historical sites and many others.


From Grade 2, each class goes on an annual field trip. The venues are specifically chosen to support the curriculum covered by that particular year group, thus providing the pupils with an exploratory experience and consolidating their understanding of the subjects they have covered in class.


All of these trips focus strongly on historical, conservation and wildlife with the possible exception of the Grade 7 trip, where the emphasis is on developing leadership skills.

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