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Assisted Learning

Assisted Learning

The Workshop

All children are interviewed and assessed when they apply for placement at Bryden Country School. This enables our team of teachers to assess the level of academic, physical, social and emotional skills of each child. When a child has been accepted into the school, the class teacher may notice that the child has difficulty in some aspects of learning. At this point, the child will be referred to the appropriate member of the Learning Support team, whether that be for literacy and language development or for mathematical concepts. A further assessment of the child will take place to find out how best the specialist teachers can assist the child with their specific educational needs. The Learning Support staff work closely with the mainstream teachers to ensure that each child’s specific needs are catered for both in the Learning Support classes and in their mainstream classes.


Within the language and literacy class, the emphasis is on learning through play. A large variety of puzzles and games have been made to help children develop a positive and practical approach to literacy. There is also an extensive selection of reading books, ranging from pre-reading to Grade 7, to enable the children to become competent and fluent readers. The reading corner is a spacious and comfortable area to encourage the children to develop a love of reading.


A close working relationship is established between the Learning Support staff and parents. Parents are encouraged to meet with staff to discuss the progress of their child and how best we can all work together to help the child achieve their full potential. A coffee/social morning is organised for parents once a term, usually with a relevant professional guest speaker. This gives parents the opportunity to discuss problems and possible solutions in a sociable and friendly environment.


In this small friendly school, each child is known to all the staff and our aim is for each child to achieve their full potential. Our school offers an holistic approach to education where each child is given the opportunity to flourish.





For children who need help understanding a mathematical concept, initially the Learning Support staff assess their performance in the mainstream class. From there, the Learning Support staff will work either individually or in a small group using a variety of materials and methods until the child has fully grasped the concept. Therefore they become enlightened, empowered and more confident.


Early Learning Centre


Developing a love of learning

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the Bryden “big school” is our Early Learning Centre (E.L.C.). It is here that the Bantam chickens roam the playground, and our rabbits hop around in anticipation of a little human friend.

Special care and attention are paid to the littlest learners at Bryden. Here, we open the world of creativity and independence as children develop and grow in a safe, secure, and academically nurturing space. 


Where curiosity is embraced, and learning is loved.


Developing a love of learning

Bryden Legends are never too young to develop a passion for learning and discover their strengths. And we make sure they have fun while they do it. Our caring, hands-on faculty members nurture development as they prepare your children for scholastic and social success.

A child's first school experience will shape the way they learn for life. That is why our ELC program is all about nurturing confidence and curiosity. Natural development is encouraged with care and skill as your child learns to delight in the world around them and begin shaping them into more concrete academic concepts. All while feeling safe and encouraged to learn and grow.

It is in this very informal, but structured environment where children grasp the basic foundations of learning, which they will carry with them throughout their school careers.


With a host of classroom activities; outdoor play, movement sessions, swimming, computers, Shona and our magical music lessons. These activities shape part of the daily routine culminating in our fun sports day; the ever-exciting galas, and finally to round the year off, our Christmas presentations.



Pookie class (3 year olds).  Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am to 11am.
Zebra class (4 year olds) . Classes are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8am to 12pm.
Giraffe class (5 year olds) runs daily from 8am to 12pm, Mondays to Fridays.


Associated Trust Schools

Trust Schools

Bryden is a member of the Association of Trust Schools (ATS).  The Association of Trust Schools is made up of Independent Primary and Secondary Trust Schools which are run by a Board of Governors. Heads of ATS schools are eligible for membership of The Conference of Heads of Independent Schools in Zimbabwe (CHISZ).


Each member school seeks to complement the work done in Government and other non-Government schools and co-operate wherever possible, yet retain its independence. These schools provide choice for parents, with every school being different, yet all are committed to a holistic, balanced education. They are united by the common Vision, Values and Mission of the Association.


Click the links below to read enlighting articles written by Mr. Tim Middleton the Executive Director.


Core Values

• Integrity
• Accountability
• Ethical Governance
• Professionalism
• Spiritual and Moral Development Service
• Holistic Education


Empowering relevant, high-quality, holistic education in member, non-profit, independent schools.

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