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Overview: Tanatswanashe realises that he is who he is because of Bryden and his achievements started here

Image: Tanatswanashe Lusiyano

Tanatswanashe Lusiyano

After minutes of fretting and waiting in unnerving silence, my results came up. I quickly scanned the document to see an excellent chain of ‘A’s and a lone ‘B’. I didn’t waste time. I ran around the house screaming with joy, punched the air a couple of times and jumped into my teary-eyed mother’s tight embrace. Whilst in celebration I gave myself time to reflect on my massive achievement.

During reflection, I thought of Bryden, the beginning of my journey and realized that they deserve as much credit as my high school. I went there in grade 2, nervous and lacking confidence. I struggled in number work and phonetics but Mrs Kaye, my grade two teacher, saw my potential and worked with me until I was among the best. The Bryden family welcomed me well and my confidence grew resulting in me excelling in school and sport. The quality teaching and coaching and never-ending words of motivation from the teachers supplemented by the classroom competition were the foundation for my academic and sporting success. I remember complaining about receiving lots of work in grade six and seven from my teachers, not realizing that they were preparing us for high school life. Because of them, I have been able to balance my sport and my schoolwork, which many fail to do, and have become a spectacular all-round student.

Thank you, Bryden Country School for being the foundation of all my achievements. I hope this message will encourage parents to gift their children with the opportunity of learning at this great school.


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