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The Future looks Shiny!

Overview: A Bryden Alumni goes international with this education, ambition and dreams.

Image: Hunter Greeff & The Silver Pendant that he hand-made

Hunter Greeff [Mfuti / 2014]

Hunter attended Bryden from 2006, starting in the Pookie Class at the ELC, all the way through to Grade Seven. After leaving Bryden, Hunter went on to Peterhouse Boys, where he was a proud member of Malvern from 2015 to 2020. Hunter finished his career at Peterhouse with 6 O Levels, 3 AS Levels and 2 A Levels. With the assistance of Bryden’s Curriculum support as well as the fantastic support from the Alpha Centre at Peterhouse, Hunter was able to finish his schooling as a high achiever and completed his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

Hunter played Mash West Rugby and Swam for MCD when at Bryden. He carried his passion for swimming all the way through Peterhouse, finishing off his swimming career as the Vice-Captain of the PHB Swimming team. He was also picked for the Zim U16 and U18 Rugby Squads.

(Left) Hunter, receiving his Petrean Tie at the Leavers’ Service at PHB in November 2020 (Right) Hunters Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award 2020


Moving Forward & Going Abroad

Currently Hunter is in Oxford, working as a Gap Year Assistant at the Dragon School which he is thoroughly enjoying, especially as he is earning his own money!

The future looks shiny

Hunter plans on following his true passion in the Jewellery Industry and is going to study Jewellery Making in Cape Town in 2022.

Image: The Silver Pendant that Hunter made at for his A’Level Art, Final Piece in 2020. [made in a private workshop]

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