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Our School Choir is made up of the Grade 6’s and Grade 7’s.  We always begin with a bang in the First Term with the Eisteddfod.  The Grade 6’s are new to the choir and have little time to prepare for the event, but always do well against tough competition.  In the Second Term we perform at the District’s Cultural Festival.  This is a great event where the children get to perform with over a hundred other singers, quite an experience for them.  Third term is a very busy term with preparations for Christmas celebrations, Assemblies, Musical Morning and Prize Giving.


The Bryden Orchestra, a recorder and percussion band, is comprised of Grade 6 and 7 musicians who like to perform more challenging music in competitive and concert settings.  Meeting weekly, they prepare for performances, including the National Allied Arts Eisteddfod held during March.  They play for final assemblies, Musical Morning and the annual Carol Service.  The Orchestra continues to learn more about the families of instruments and are exposed to other orchestras, via DVD, challenging them to consider learning other instruments in high school, as many former Bryden students have done.

Recorder Classes/Singing Lessons

All grades at Bryden have half-hour recorder classes each week.  The Grade 1 students are introduced to rhythms and rhythm reading during the first term with fun games and playing percussion instruments.  Gradually the recorders are introduced with the first notes and finger positions.  Each grade builds on that foundation, learning rhythms and note reading as well as fingering and technique on recorders.  Note reading and understanding music symbols are an important part of learning to play.  Each class continues to build on that foundation, learning as they go, enabling them to play more interesting songs.

Bryden’s music and choir department has been extended to three new teachers. Piano and drum lessons are also offered at the school on a private basis, and the school sets aside fixed practice times during the week for pupils doing either of these.